Registration instructions

Schulz KabelDear Sirs,

In order to reach our dealers price list, you have to enrol for registration first.
Please follow the next steps:

1. Follow the link "login"on the start page "Distributors/Dealers"
2. Write in the block at the head at "I'm a new customer" the known user name and the password that are usually written in our SCHULZ KABEL catalogue.
3. Fill out afterwards the form of registration. Please note, that all with a * marked blocks are oligatory blocks.
4. Please create in the last block your own password and repeat it again below.

You're now registered and can buy and order directly in the dealers price list .

At your next visit please login at the start page on the right in the window
"Distributors/Dealers" with your own email address and your own password,
which you have created in the registration.

If you have any problems with the entrance please call us or send us an email.

Best regards,

Sales department