Company Profile

For the quality's sake . . .

SCHULZ KABEL is an important adress for cables and accessories in the music line of business.Since 1985 we have a lot of satisfied customers. In Germany we are one of the prefered producers and whole salers in this special field.

Innovation – the way into the future
With a systematical working of development and a high flexibility is our team working at innovative solutions. By that way we check new materials, to secure the high quality.

The continual reflection of the market developments, the permanent dialogue with users and dealers gives us the possibility, to insert the special requirements. Our  sales representatives are continual on the way to get the absolut near to the market. So they can hear about the new trends and requirements of the customers.

A many-sided program of production and delivery
The very big program of production has solutions about the level and the special production for cables and accessories. The daily high score is available, if the team works perfectly, skillful and flexible. With more than 50 colleagues, which are working with specialized knowledge and the insert of modern materials, tools and machines, it is possible to produce perfectly technicals products. Quality, which is guaranteed and takes a long time to work, gives the security for an event without problems. - Your satisfaction is our aim.

Our competence base of know-how and experience
If experience of many years meet together with innovatives solutions in the field of the orchestral elecronic, there is built a solid base.

Use the unequivocallies vantages of our company, which are mirroring in the multiface of the products, a high level of quality, the kindness to the enviroment and in the attractive proportionality of price and productivity.

Specially for the musicians sector we are known as a producer of a big assortment of different cables and accesories.

Here you'll find a cross-section about our offer:

- cable drums
- different cables as meter ware (sorted in colours)
- banana plugs
- BNC-adapters
- speaker cables
- computer cables
- diode plugs
- effect tools cables
- insert cables
- arrow tip plugs
- cable bounders
- plugs and jacks
- lighting controller cables
- midi cables
- microphone cables
- mini plugs
- multipair cables
- multipin plugs
- power cables
- sockets and power plugs
- patchcords
- RCA-plugs and jacks
- fuses
- Speakon cables
- spiral cables
- stage boxes
- extension cables

- XLR-plugs and jacks

Of course we give you more detailed information. Just call us (+49 56 84 - 82 79) or visit us on the music show in Frankfurt/Main which take place every year.


Schulz Kabel