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Wo langjährige Erfahrungswerte mit innovativen Lösungen im Bereich der Orchesterelektronik zusammentreffen, ist eine solide, stimmige Basis geschaffen.
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SCHULZ KABEL is an important address for cables and accessories in the music line of business. Find out more about our products and services:

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Shipping & Returns

The first delivery to known companies will be by C.O.D. (cash only delivery). If the liquidity is doubtful, we supply always with C.O.D.. The delivery is ex works till a value of 750,00 EURO. Our terms of payment are: 30 days net, 2 % for payment within 8 days. Part deliveries are possible. The goods will be our property, till they are already paid.

For deliveries in foreign countries valid deviated arrangements. For deliveries in NOT-EU-COUNTRIES below a net value from 250,- EURO we calculate an additional charge of 10 EURO.

In case of litigation the courts in Frielendorf shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

All siding quantity rebates valid only for the purchase of one type, that means, not by mixed purchase.

The prices are net and without value added tax (VAT).

This catalogue is valid until the new one appears. With the appearance of that list, all others loose their validity. Other deviated arrangements valid only, if we accept them in writing. If that not happens, they don't valid.

All plugs can become delivered separately packed up in a bag of PVC; extra charge 0,15 EURO for each item.

If in orders of cables, which we have in different colours, no wish is ordered, we deliver in black. If the goods don't look satisfactory, there will be no claim to substitute.

Business hours
Monday - Thursday 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m

Friday 8.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m

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