Product.Nr.: ISN 1

44,62 EUR

product description

An insert cable is an audio cable used to connect an effect to the insert jack in a mixing console or desk. This cable is Y-shaped: one end with a stereo 6.3 mm plug, the other two ends with 6.3 mm mono plugs or XLR connectors. The stereo 6.3 mm plug has to be inserted into the mixing desk, and the other two connectors have to be inserted into the in/out jacks of the effectors.Adapter cable for connecting equipment together with stereo 6.3 mm plugs to 2 mono 6.3 mm plugs in. Soldering version.

  • 2x core shielded insert cable SCHULZ Kabel DK 4
  • braided shield, OFC
  • outside diameter 3,5 x 7 mm, 2 x 0,12 mm²
  • 2 plugs 6.3 mm, mono, Neutrik NP 2 CBAG, to 1 plug 6.3 mm, stereo, Neutrik NP 3 CBAG